Easier land titling to hog DENR’s 1st Land Summit

January 13, 2018

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu has expressed hope that the National Land Summit to be held this month will help address uncertainty, complexity and other problems associated with land ownership, with concerned government agencies working together to make land titling easier and faster.

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LMB adds drones as tool for land survey

January 26, 2018

The Land Management Bureau (LMB) recently issued LMB Memorandum Circular (LMC) No. 2017-003 adopting the alternative use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, in conducting land surveys, effective today, January 26. 

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What We Do

About half of the estimated 24 million parcels in the Philippines remain untitled.

Untitled parcels have a significant impact on Philippine development. Unsecure property rights discourage private investments which lead to lower productivity. Especially in the rural areas, people are poor not because these people have no assets but because they cannot capitalize on their assets. Absence of formal titles defining land boundaries have resulted to land issues and conflicts as well. On the part of the local government units, revenue collection from real estate taxes is not maximized. Moreover, many environmental problems arise from the lack of secure, well-defined, and enforceable property rights.

With the support of its partners, USAID, DFAT and The Asia Foundation; and in active engagement with the national government, local government units and relevant stakeholders, the Foundation for Economic Freedom works toward improving security of property rights in the Philippines through advocating for reform in policy, exploring new technologies to improve processes, and developing capacities in existing and building new institutions.

Through the implementation of its various land rights project - Property Rights for Economic Progress, Partnership for Land Rights and Governance, Technology for Property Rights and Governance - the Foundation hopes to achieve the goal of secure property rights for all.


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